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Cloud Services

Many businesses will have some cloud services in place already. This may be their email or one of their line of business applications. Very few will have completely moved to a hosted model in the cloud and are employing a ‘hybrid’ approach, with some on premise services and some in the cloud
Moving your IT systems to the cloud is a journey with many pitfalls and it is advisable to partner with an expert organisation who can guide you.
One of the considerations is where is the best place to put your applications. Every data centre will have different standards and approaches to data and physical security so it’s important to do your due diligence should you opt to use cloud services.  For instance, Microsoft offer a financially backed SLA for system uptime, with the current quarterly uptime being 99.99%. They have also invested heavily in security, compliance and transparent privacy.  You know where your data resides and who has access to it. This is not always the case with other providers. Ultimately you need to work with a reputable cloud partner to assess the expected level of service and cost and make your own mind up if the datacentre you choose is right for your business.